GRacer Performance Report

When you play GRacer, please report what FPS you get.
performance report
OS Processor Mem Video Chip W/H FPS Acc Tex BPP Misc
Debian GNU/Linux (potato) Pentium II 350MHz 64M RIVA128 320/240 50 no no 16 Main development machine. w/o 3D hardware acceleration
Debian GNU/Linux (potato) Pentium II 350MHz 64M Voodoo 2 640/480 60-76 yes yes 16 Same machine. with 3D hardware acceleration
Unknown Pentium III 667 128M Nvidia TNT2(16Mb) 640/480 95 yes yes ? XFree86 4.0.1 with Nvidia's GLX driver.
Debian GNU/Linux (potato) Pentium 133MHz 64M Matrox Millenium 210/160 14 no no 16 Bit slow. but even playable
unkown Pentium III 450MHz 256M S3 ViRGE 320/240 17-18 no no 32 -

Acc: 3D Hardware Acceleration

Tex: Texture

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