GRacer - 3D Motor Sports Simulator

developed by Takashi Matsuda


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What's New!


GRacer is a 3D motor sports simulator. It's state of the art physical simulation engine creates realistic behavior including drift, wheel spin, and even accel turn.

Screen Shot

You can see some screen shots. Check here.

Current Feature


The wonderful SourceForge is hosting this project. Visit the gracer sourceforge page for downloads, mailing lists, etc. You can also get email notice when new releases are available.

Performance Reports

Check here if you are interested in the rendering speed of GRacer.


  [R]: essential, [O]: optional

3D Modeler

Objects such as course, vehicle, etc are modeled by AC3D modeler. AC3D is shareware 3D modeler developed by Andy Colebourne at Lancaster University, England. Homepage of AC3D is


If you interested in the history of GRacer (e.g changelog), check here.


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